The Estate Vineyard is Planted!

Since we purchased the 88-acre vineyard in September 2019, we’ve been expanding from the original three acres under vine.  We began the process by planting Pinot noir and Chardonnay in the Fall of 2020 (12 acres), took a break for a year, and planted other varietals – Syrah, Viognier, Grenache, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc and…

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The Wine Bottle Closure Debate

Cork vs. Cap Wine bottle closure debate

Corks vs Screw Tops One of the topics most hotly contested in the Zawada household or between April and I is the use of corks versus screw caps.  Here’s a summary of our debate and we welcome your feedback! Brian’s Thoughts Screw Top Pro’s:  Easy to open, no corkscrew required; less expensive from a wine-making…

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Not All Yeasts – And Malo Bugs – Are The Same!

Yeast and Wine Glasses

As we prepare for the 2023 harvest, we not only focus on the grapes but also on the different organisms that perform the real work once the grapes arrive in the winery, turning the grape juice into wine. I won’t make this a dissertation on yeasts or other beneficial bacteria in winemaking, but one thing’s…

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Violet Vines’ Estate Soils

Violet Vines Estate Soils

Ever read the book, Wine Wars? They use a term to classify those that truly value and promote terroir as “terroirists” (not terrorists). Well, I happen to be in the terroirist camp! In my opinion, “terroir” is very real and can be a game-changer when the right varietal is planted in the right terroir.  To me, terroir…

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What is the “Tasting Outlook”?

Violet Vines Tasting Outlook

Violet Vines guests are invited to experience our wines – and service – at our tasting room in Carlton, OR.   You can book a reservation online (Wednesday through Sunday) or just stop in if you’re in the area.  Separate from the Carlton tasting room, we also offer an amazing wine tasting and vineyard tour experience…

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Violet Vines’ Guest Winery – Arabilis Wines

Featured Winery Arablis

Each month, guests visiting Violet Vines’ tasting room in Carlton, Oregon get the opportunity to not only experience our wines, but also a select winery’s wine that had a significant influence on our journey. Starting on July 26th, Violet Vines will serve Arabilis Wines’ 2021 Pearlstad Vineyard Chardonnay as part of a Chardonnay showcase for…

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Violet Vines Opens New Tasting Room in Carlton, Oregon

Violet Vines, a family-owned winery in the Willamette Valley, announces the opening of its new tasting room in downtown Carlton, Oregon, at 203 West Main Street on May 20. One of few wineries that produces wines made exclusively from Oregon fruit, Violet Vines seeks to showcase the diverse Oregon terroir through its diverse collection of…

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What’s in a Name?

When I think back of why we named our winery “Violet Vines” circa 2019, I was a huge Pinot noir fan, specifically Oregon Pinot noir’s. Because of this preference, and as we were exploring names for our winery and brand, we were reminded of violet being a shade of purple (as in purple grapes).  When…

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How to Make Wine

wine grapes

No topic garners more interest than the process to produce wine following harvest.  At Violet Vines, in both of the American Viticultural Areas (Ava’s) where we grow grapes – that being the McMinnville AVA and the Rocks District in the Milton-Freewater AVA – we typically harvest in the first half of October each year. The…

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