A Spark of Passion for Oregon Wines Our journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Brian and April Zawada, the passionate founders of Violet Vines, are originally from Medina, Ohio but spent much time throughout Brian’s professional career traveling to Oregon. Sipping on elevated Pinot Noir and adventuring to new wineries in such a majestic place grew into a shared dream to create something extraordinary, to cultivate a legacy rooted in their love for nature, the art of winemaking and each other.

In 2019, they took the leap to follow their dreams out west. They came upon a quite rugged piece of land in the foothills of the Coast Mountains with 88 acres of mostly untouched land and a three-acre vineyard planted to Pinot noir at the top. It was perfect. They purchased it in September 2019 and three weeks later harvested a very small 1.1-ton crop of Pinot noir grapes. Violet Vines was born!

With unwavering dedication, they have nurtured their vision and vineyard meticulously into 31 acres of diverse varietals, two tasting rooms, a vibrant product and a next-gen wine tasting experience. Their remarkable journey into the world of wine continues to grow and evolve every day.


Embracing the Best of Oregon's Terroir Our desire to create a uniquely Oregon wine experience through our wines has led us to source grapes from these fine vineyards.

The diverse terroir throughout Oregon offers Violet Vines the opportunity to bring in wine grapes that are very distinct and produce wine profiles that are reflective of each vineyard.

  • Violet Vines Estate Vineyard

    McMinnville AVA

  • Set in Stone Vineyard

    The Rocks District in Milton-Freewater AVA

  • Johnson Ridge Vineyard

    Eola-Amity Hills AVA

  • Eola-Springs Vineyard

    Eola-Amity Hills AVA

  • Stiling Vineyard

    Eola-Amity Hills AVA

  • River Rock Vineyard

    Milton-Freewater AVA

  • Rock Bottom Vineyard

    Milton-Freewater AVA

  • Winesap Vineyard

    Milton-Freewater AVA

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Honoring the Past, Looking to the Future


We purchased the 88-acre Sheridan vineyard with 3 acres of Pinot noir Clones 777, 115 and Pommard.


We planted 12 acres of vines – 2 acres of Clone 95 Chardonnay, 3 acres of Clone 76 Chardonnay, 2 acres of Clone 828 Pinot noir, 2 acres of Wadenswil Pinot noir and 3 acres of Clone 115 Pinot noir.

Fall 2022

We planted 2 acres of Cabernet Franc, 3 acres of Syrah (plus .2 acres of Viognier for co-fermentation with the Syrah), 2 acres of Chenin Blanc, and 2 acres of Pinot noir Pommard.

Spring 2023

We planted 1 acre of Albariño on the Estate vineyard and 5 acres of Syrah and Grenache at the Rocks District Set in Stone Vineyard. Also, we opened the Carlton tasting room to the public.

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