Elevate your wine portfolio with Oregon's finest. Enjoy the taste of true craftsmanship with award-winning wines from Violet Vines

Escape the uniformity of mass-produced wines.

In a market saturated with commercial giants, the artistry of fine wine often takes a back seat. Uniform flavors and predictable profiles have become the norm, leaving connoisseurs yearning for the exceptional, the unique, and the handcrafted. 


Uncover the Allure of Boutique Winemaking

Welcome to a world where each sip tells a story, where the land, the climate, and the people intertwine to create unparalleled vintages. At Violet Vines, our commitment to quality, rooted in tradition and innovation, yields wines that transcend the ordinary, delighting palates and evoking emotions. 

Source Wines Steeped in Excellence

Violet Vines offers a portfolio of meticulously crafted wines, each a testament to our dedication and expertise. From the renowned Willamette Valley to the hidden gems of Milton-Freewater and the Rogue Valley, our vineyards bear the fruit of terroir-rich landscapes, resulting in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Rosé that capture the essence of Oregon's viticultural tapestry.


Partner with a Winery that Embodies Professionalism & Passion

In a realm as intricate as wine, trust and artistry go hand in hand. With Violet Vines, you'll find a trusted partner with a genuine love for the craft. Owner Brian Zawada's entrepreneurial acumen, combined with Brian and his wife April's unwavering dedication to creating exceptional wines, makes us a compelling choice for your esteemed wine portfolio.

Three Steps to Elevate Your Wine Porfolio

Explore Our Portfolio

Delve into the nuances of our diverse range of wines and discover the stories they hold.

Connect with our Team

Reach out to our knowledgeable team to discuss  your unique requirements and explore partnership opportunities.

Enjoy the Violet Vines Experience

Elevate your wine program with our exceptional vintages and savor the distinction they bring to your offerings.

Current Wines Available for Distribution

Violet Vines has a strong interest in engaging specialty wine distributors with an interest in increasing sales of ultra-premium Oregon wines.  Our goal is to develop deep and engaging partnerships with boutique distributors to reach customers and expand their interest in Oregon-grown wines.

To learn more or to request a visit, please email Brian Zawada (brian@violetvines.com) or call 503.379.0770


Estate Pinot Noir

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Chardonnay (Clone 76)

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Rosé of Pinot Noir

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