What’s in a Name?

May 16, 2023

When I think back of why we named our winery “Violet Vines” circa 2019, I was a huge Pinot noir fan, specifically Oregon Pinot noir’s. Because of this preference, and as we were exploring names for our winery and brand, we were reminded of violet being a shade of purple (as in purple grapes).  When we founded the business at the time, Pinot Noir was our focus and it was a dream come true.   

Beyond the color (and what many people do not know) is that the actual violet flower is an incredible aroma and flavor profile found in many fine Oregon Pinot noir’s.  Long ago, my young palate was able to detect this nuance and quickly realized that it is one of my favorite traits in this complex and delicate red wine.  Did I also mention a beautiful vibrant violet hue emerges visually when swirling a glass of our wine held up to the sunlight?  I think it’s a striking sight to be seen. 

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the practical side of our brand name.  I think is catchy, easy to remember, easy to pronounce and flows off the tongue effortlessly.  There’s also the scientific element – specific to the visible light spectrum, the violet waves carry the most energy given their wavelength and high frequency. The name also gave us other branding opportunities… did I mention that we call our Willamette Valley reserve wines Ultra Violets and soon, our Rocks District reserves will be called Infrareds?!  I hope that this translates into great marketing of our product as well as a reputation for memorable experiences and amazing wine..

Today, I can now say that my palate – and our winery – has expanded to so many other varietals that thrive in Oregon but my first crush will always be that dark violet-colored grape that drew us to the northwest.

By April Zawada

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