Violet Vines’ Guest Winery – Arabilis Wines

July 27, 2023

Each month, guests visiting Violet Vines’ tasting room in Carlton, Oregon get the opportunity to not only experience our wines, but also a select winery’s wine that had a significant influence on our journey.

Starting on July 26th, Violet Vines will serve Arabilis Wines’ 2021 Pearlstad Vineyard Chardonnay as part of a Chardonnay showcase for the next four weeks. 

But who is Arabilis Wines?

In summary, Kenny and Allison produce world-class wines (and are about to release epic Oregon sparkling wines).  You can learn more about their story on their website, but based on first-hand experience, these words taken from their “About” page are 100% accurate – their wines are produced based on “intuition, knowledge, a taste for precision, and a certain form of freedom.” 

It’s these words that led April and I to approach Kenny and Allison to ask that they produce our future sparkling wines.  Thankfully, they said yes before we begged!

Although we asked them to transform our estate fruit into sparkling wine, they excel in still wines and we are absolutely mesmerized by their Chardonnays.

Kenny, Allison, April and I agreed to showcase their 2021 Pearlstad Vineyard Chardonnay (sourced from an amazing vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA) with our 2021 Eola Springs Chardonnay, as well as a barrel sample of our 2022 Eola Springs Chardonnay.  Those visiting the tasting room won’t be disappointed.

In addition to tasting Arabilis’ Chardonnay, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase bottles on-site. 

We look forward to serving you in Carlton this month.  Cheers!

Featured Winery Arablis
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